The World According To My Camera

Scottish Highlands

Land of lochs, glens, and bitter downpours, Scotland is sometimes generous with the weary traveler. My solo trip of March 2017 to the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye was nothing but sunshine and blue skies.

I started off in Glasgow, rode the West Highland Railway all the way to Mallaig, returned to Fort William, and then on to Isle of Skye and a roundabout tour of its spectacular scenery.

The Danube Delta, Romania

Serene to a fault and yet ever teaming with life, the Danubian delta is the place where time seems to stand still. The small town of Sulina, where river meets sea, is only accessible by boat and appears to reside within a universe of its own, among the low winding canals flowing lazily between man-sized reeds, and more species of birds and fish than you knew existed.

This video was shot at the end of August 2015, on a lazy weekend trip with a few good friends.

Iberia Trip

After several trips both long and short, Spain seems a fixture among the countries where I find myself going again and again, only to discover something completely new each time. From bohemian beaches to surreal rock formations, one would need a lifetime to see everything worth seeing.

And then there’s Madeira. A perfect complement of Garden of Eden to Spain’s almost martian terrain, Madeira is “the place to be” for the hiking aficionado, the enthusiastic botanist, and, well, pretty much anyone, I’d say.

Vadu Beach, Romania

This is the story of a lazy weekend trip à deux to a charming, little known beach on the Romanian Black Sea coast. Sun, sand, sea, roasted weenies, and a healthy amount of offroading.

Shot in August 2015.